Notable Verdicts and Settlements


Paraplegic Denied Payment of Attendant Care

$10,000,000 Settlement in No-Fault PIP Claim. Co-counsel in Wayne County Circuit Court action settled on the second day of trial. Paraplegic denied payment of reasonable, necessary No-Fault attendant care benefits. Recognized as the largest recovery in a No-Fault case ever in Michigan.


Kindergartener Killed In Bus Accident

$4,050,000 Co-counsel in Jury verdict in Wayne County Circuit Court Wrongful Death action arising out of school bus accident involving a kindergartner run over by a substitute school bus driver.


Construction Worker Struck and Injured on Job

$1,900,00 Jury verdict in Oakland County Circuit Court against a General Contractor arising out of a construction accident in which a plumber/sub-contractor sustained a cervical spinal injury requiring decompression surgery as well as a mild closed head injury when struck by improperly discarded debris.


Passengers Injured by Negligent Road Maintenance

$1,300,000 Settlement following Jury Verdict in Wayne County Circuit Court in favor of two (2) injured automobile passengers against a road commission for negligent maintenance of a portion of West Outer Drive in Detroit, MI. [Case Evaluation was $8,500.00]


Passenger Killed Due to Negligent Road Maintenance

$875,000 Arbitration award in Wrongful Death action in favor of family members of elderly automobile passenger against road commission for negligent maintenance of roadway.


Victim Shot by Neighbor

$816,000 Award of damages following trial in United States Bankruptcy Adversary Action in favor of client who was the victim of an intentional, malicious shooting.


Injured Motorist Refused Attendant Care

$600,000 No-Fault PIP Settlement. Co-counsel in Wayne County Circuit Court action seeking damages for auto insurer’s unreasonable refusal to pay attendant care benefits to badly injured motorist.


Automobile Accident Due to Negligent Roadway

$500,000 Settlement following Jury Verdict in 36th District Court in favor of family members injured in a motor vehicle accident against road commission for negligent design and maintenance of rural, Oakland County intersection. [Case Evaluation was $5,000.00]


Automobile Accident

$475,000 Settlement approved by Oakland County Circuit Court arising out of motor vehicle accident involving rear-end collision causing physical and emotional injuries.


Handicapped Driver Re-injured

$450,000 Settlement following Facilitation in favor of handicapped motorist struck by a recklessly operated vehicle in a bank parking lot.


Fractured Pelvis in Truck Accident

$450,000 Settlement in automobile/truck accident involving client sustaining pelvic fracture requiring surgical repair caused by jackknifed truck.


Bilateral Wrist Fractures in Truck Accident

$450,000 Pre-suit settlement in head-on automobile/truck accident in which elderly client sustained bilateral wrist fractures requiring surgical repair and extensive therapy.


Blockbuster Movie Infringes on Composer’s Copyright

$350,000 Co-counsel in settlement of Federal Copyright lawsuit in favor of musical composer against motion picture company for use of infringing “Grammy Award winning music” contained in score of blockbuster film.


Automobile Accident
Cervical Fracture Pre-suit Settlement

$300,000 Pre-suit settlement in Northern Michigan head-on motor vehicle accident in which elderly client sustained cervical fracture requiring decompression surgery.


Child Injured in Car Accident

$300,000 Settlement of motor vehicle accident in which minor child passenger sustained closed head injury in multiple car accident.


Bus Accident

$300,000 Settlement of Wrongful Death action involving automobile and city bus. Autopsy of decedent revealed presence of cocaine in his system compromising the liability issue.


Drunk Driver Auto Accident

$274,000 Settlement of Dramshop action following Wayne County Jury Verdict against bar for its service of intoxicating liquor to a customer beyond the point of visible intoxication who later caused rear-end motor vehicle accident causing fracture to young, professional guitarist’s arm.


Minor Child Killed in Truck Accident

$250,000 in total settlements on Wrongful Death claims brought on behalf of minor child passenger in automobile/truck accident involving difficult issues of liability.


Truck Accident

$225,000 Settlement in Saginaw County Circuit Court action arising out of automobile/truck accident causing exacerbation to Plaintiff suffering from pre-existing fibromyalgia.


Automobile Accident Results in Fibula Fracture

$200,000 Settlement of uninsured motorist claim for elderly client who sustained tibia/fibula fracture requiring surgical repair.


Pedestrian Stuck by Car

$190,000 Settlement of motor vehicle/pedestrian claim and underinsured motorist claim for client who sustained tibia/fibula fracture requiring surgical repair.


Child Attacked by Pit Bull Dog

$100,000 Homeowner policy limit settlement of Dog Bite action involving pit bull that bit minor child requiring small number of facial sutures.


Widow Defrauded by Construction Company

$75,000 Jury Verdict in 36th District Court in Michigan Consumer Protection Action against unscrupulous home construction company for defrauding elderly, handicapped widow.

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